What’s New

Village Psychology is a private therapy practice devoted to creating positive changes in the lives of college students and young adults through highly specialized, evidence-based group therapy and mental health treatment programs.

Why Groups?

Young adults join our groups to participate in highly specialized treatments with people their own age who are experiencing similar problems. Our group members often need more support than individual therapy alone can provide and find that groups offer a chance to connect and learn from one another guided by an experienced therapist. We are proud to provide evidence-based, short-term therapy groups which are highly effective at treating anxiety, depression, rapidly changing emotions and impulsivity, overly-controlled emotions and perfectionism, and trauma/PTSD.

Problems our groups may help:

Rapid, intense mood changes

Village Psychology Values


We believe that patients should have access to the best treatments we can offer. Our therapists are trained to provide evidence-based therapy, meaning there is scientific research that has shown the therapy to be effective.


We believe that the quality of people’s relationships is the biggest factor influencing one’s happiness (this assertion is supported by the longest study on happiness). We therefore focus on helping people improve their relationships inside and outside of therapy.


We keep compassion for our patients at the heart of our work and we strive to help our patients increase compassion for themselves as well. We believe in the importance of creating an inclusive practice where people of all identities and backgrounds are respected and welcome.