Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups

Village Psychology’s DBT groups are for young adults who want to go from being overwhelmed by emotions to creating a life they truly love, even when that seems impossible to imagine.

A DBT group might be a good fit for you if you:

Feel overwhelmed by intense emotions

Struggle in relationships that leave you feeling lonely

Self-harm or engage in other destructive patterns

Avoid creative projects you used to enjoy

As a group member you will learn concrete skills and strategies to:

Stay in control of your actions even when emotions are intense

Develop close relationships where you can set limits and ask for what you need

Replace harmful behaviors with tools to calm your worries

Clarify your values so that you can pursue what matters to you most

Ready to get started?

DBT group members learn skills in 4 modules:

Core Mindfulness

skills for increasing focus, awareness, and self-compassion

Distress Tolerance

skills for reducing harmful behaviors, accepting painful realities, and managing addictions

Emotion Regulation

skills for identifying and understanding your emotions and strategies to change the emotion when you choose to do so

Interpersonal Effectiveness

skills for improving relationships while asking for what you need and keeping self-respect

DBT Skills Training Groups

are for people who are new to DBT skills or who want a skills refresher. Skills training classes for 20s and 30s run for 24 sessions, with the option to complete the cycle twice for a full year of skills training. College groups are run on a semester basis. Group members are required to be in ongoing individual therapy.

Advanced/Graduate DBT Skills Integration Groups

are for people who have completed a DBT skills training group or program and would like group support to continue to apply the skills to different environments and relationships. Skills integration groups require a 16-session commitment, with the option to continue if recommended.

What is DBT?

DBT is an evidenced-based cognitive behavioral treatment that combines individual therapy sessions with group skills training classes and on-call skills coaching. Treatment focuses on replacing harmful and ineffective behaviors with skills and strategies to manage emotions effectively, clarify personal values, improve relationships, and enhance quality of life.

We lead DBT group classes specifically for college students and DBT group classes specifically for young adults in their 20s and 30s. Past group members of our Boston DBT groups for college students have attended Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Northeastern University, Simmons University, Tufts University, Wellesley College, and others.